The Gig

Develop and execute an Account-Based Marketing (ABM) campaign targeting potential clients in the BFSI sector.

The Challenge

The enterprise architecture software market is fiercely competitive. Our client sought to penetrate the BFSI sector, where specific needs and challenges required a targeted approach. The goal was to generate leads and nurture them effectively until they converted into valuable opportunities.

The Approach

  • Deep Dive into Data: Initial consultations with the marketing, sales, and leadership teams provided an understanding of previous outreach endeavors. A thorough examination of past sales data in Salesforce allowed us to pinpoint the right direction.
  • Target Identification: From the vast ocean of data, we distilled a list of 150 companies within the BFSI sector that showed promise and alignment with our client's offerings.
  • Campaign Development: With the target list ready, we rolled out a two-pronged strategy: A. Lead Generation & Nurturing: Leveraging paid media and email automation services, we devised campaigns tailored to our target list. This ensured a higher likelihood of engagement and maintained a consistent communication channel with potential clients. B. Sales Alignment: Recognizing the importance of personal touch, we assisted the sales team in drafting 1:1 emails for prospects who surpassed a specific lead score. These were not mere cold pitches but customized messages resonating with the recipient's unique challenges and needs.
  • Continuous Collaboration: A campaign is as dynamic as its team. Through weekly meetings with the marketing and sales teams, we ensured alignment of objectives, celebrated achieved milestones, and brainstormed solutions for encountered roadblocks.
  • Data at the Helm: Analytics isn't just about numbers, but the stories they tell. Managing and interpreting campaign analytics helped us refine our approach, measure ROI, and ensure our strategies were always data-driven.

The Results


3 Contracts Signed

i need a black and white icon that represents contacts being added to a database, None

1,000 BFSI Contacts Added To SalesForce


70 Sales Qualified Oppertunties Added To Salesforce

I have had the pleasure of working with Arthur Field for the past 8 months and can confidently say that he is a true marketing professional. His vast knowledge of demand generation, linked-in growth campaigns, and ABM strategy has been invaluable to our team. He is always willing to roll up his sleeves and get creative when it comes to finding new ways to grow our pipeline. Arthur is also a tenacious worker who never gives up until he achieves his goals. I would highly recommend Arthur to any marketing team looking for an expert who will work tirelessly to help them achieve success.

— VP of Marketing @ Enterprise Architecture Company